In the sixth level of the game, Colton must clear the way for the stage coach--in which Jenny is riding--of Apache Indians.


Talk to Jenny to get new mission. Your task is to stay in front of the stage coach and quickly remove all encountered dangers. First, you'll run into some Indians after crossing the bridge [1]. More opponents are waiting for you on the bend near huge, rocky boulder [2].You'll reach the barricaded passage soon. Now, you must move on foot. Move right and prepare yourself for another hard firefight with Indians. After taking them all down, take one of the TNT barrels and leave it near the earlier obstacle. Shoot the barrel from a safe distance [1] to blow up the blockade. Again, ride in front of the carriage and remove new dangers [2].Unfortunately, the stage coach will be immobilized for a while and your job is to protect it no matter the costs. Hide behind some obstacle and eliminate showing up Indians[1]. When the cart will be repaired, shoot the barrels and get ready for a tough ride. Now, you must kill all encountered enemies from the stage coach’s roof. Be also aware of enemy's carts [2]. The best way to destroy them is to hit explosive barrels, which they're transporting. If you'll reach the city in one piece, the mission should end.
Gun (PC) walkthrough - Whore Coach

Gun (PC) walkthrough - Whore Coach