Port with the cannon

Port pushing the cannon into Empire.

&nbsp In the eleventh chapter of the game, Colton and the resistence go after Hoodoo and his men for a final stand against Hoodoo Brown.
GUN (2005) - Let's Play Part 11 - Take Down Hoodoo Brown

GUN (2005) - Let's Play Part 11 - Take Down Hoodoo Brown


Talk to Port and then ride with him on horses. After reaching your goal, go down the horse and start eliminating enemies from the town's streets [1]. They'll be trying to kill the soldiers, who are transporting the cannon. From time to time, you will also be attacked by enemies located on surrounding buildings' roofs [2], so try to have eyes around the head and simply be the fastest gunmen.Get ready for the assault of the hostile cavalry [1]. I recommend you to use slow motion and smoothly kill opponents one by one. The next attack will consist of the infantry, so watch out for bullets flying everywhere. After the fight, enter the nearby laundry [2]and go down to the cellar.Take care of enemies running in the surrounding corridors and turn left on the intersection (on the right, you can enter the room with a few opponents and useful ammunition). Soon, you should reach the room where is being tortured. Kill two guards[1], go inside and untie your comrade [2]. Run to the room, located on the north, where the last battle in this mission awaits you.In the first order, eliminate the gunmens located below. Then try to hurt Hoodoo as much as you can [1]. He will escape after a while, so run behind him and keep shooting. The duel will be interrupted by the cutscene. After that, use slow motion and smoothly take down this dangerous enemy for good [2].