About The Side MissionsEdit

Extra tasks, which are very important part of the game (about 45% of all missions available during the adventure). Completing them isn't important for main storyline, but if you want to complete the game in 100% then you must finish all additional side-missions. You'll get new tasks from people scattered in the entire map and some person can give the player more than one assignment. Not all missions are available at the beginning, some of them will be unlocked after finishing some chapters from the main storyline. Do not be afraid that there's nothing more then credits list after dealing with the final boss - you can travel, shoot, take the next side-missions etc. without any problem later on. All persons, who will give you additional tasks are highlighted on the map. Below I've placed a small legend, so nobody should have troubles with reading the whole plan.

What Type Of Side Missions Are There?Edit


Pony Express


Federal Marshall


Indian Hunter