Typical 'country' tasks in which you must protect cattle and drive it from the pasture to the barn. You'll get all missions from the ranch owner (located on the south of the region).

1. Ride on horse to the nearby pasturage and drive cattle into the pen. Then move to the meadow and chase away all calves to the bull ($10).

2. Ride to the place, where two mustangs are waiting. Destroy wooden fence and run the animals to the rancho's barn ($10).

3. Leave the rancho and ride to the pasturage, where cattle are being attacked by the wolves. Fight them off and wait for the mission's end ($10).

4. Ride west, where the thief's hideout is situated. Eliminate them and bring back founded cattle ($10).

5. Identical task as first, but the cattle is moving in the herd now, so is harder to control it ($10).

6. You have to transport the herd to Dodge. Theoretically nothing difficult, but during the ride you'll be attack by some bandits. Get rid of them quickly - they can't hurt your comrade. Finally, destroy the wooden obstacle placed on the bridge and run the cattle into the town ($10).

7. Escort your boss to Empire (in one piece). During the road, you'll be attacked only once. The enemies will show up from behind of going train, but you shouldn't have problems with dealing with them ($20).

Gun Side-Mission Rancher Mission 1

Gun Side-Mission Rancher Mission 1