Sheriff Pat Denton

Patrick "Pat" Denton is the mayor of Dodge City on the GUN video game. He often recruits Colton to do side missions for a bonus:

Round 1Edit

1. Kill the Highwaymen

2. Stop the Poker Brawl

3. Find and Kill the Opium Pusher

Round 2Edit

1. Save the whore

2. Rescue the hostage near the tower

3. Stop the hold-up in the alley

Round 3Edit

1. Eliminate the Campfire Gang

2. Transport the Black Powder Delivery

3. Protect Dodge from the Raiders

Dodge City lifeEdit

Denton is the mayor of Dodge City, and does whatever he can to ensure the safety of it's citizens. He recruits Chinese immigrants to help build the bridge that will be able to help connect the railroad that will connect Dodge and Empire City. He enlists in the help of Colten White to help keep balance within the city, and will do what he can to support White when needed. His head is nearly blown off when Quick Killer fires at him and Colten during the Quick Killer at the Bridge battle, but only Denton's hat is blown away. 

After the battle, Denton remains in Dodge City, sending Colten and Jenny on their way with a shotgun messanger and a driver as the only willing participants to help on the journey to Empire. When Colton returns some time later he finds Denton beaten and tied up by enemy soldiers, and learns from him the location of Soapy Jennings.