The Final Mission in GUN once this is complete you can run around and do side quests or missions

You can find a entire Playthrough of Gun here:



It's time for the final mission. Cole and fallow Clay. When you will be shelled, run quickly to the cannon on the left and kill enemies in your sight, especially the ones who're operating the gatling guns placed in windows in front of you [1]. When the platform with the cannon will start moving, shoot in west mines' direction and jump down. Head to the corner of the building on the right and eliminate the opponent using gatling gun [2].Hit the junction-switch, climb the platform with the cannon and start shooting. There will be some gunmens behind the corner, then the gatling gun and bid, wooden gate[1]. Kill enemies located inside the building and hit the next switch. Use the cannon to get rid of showing off soldiers and then destroy some TNT barrels rolling downhill [2].After hitting the next switch, turn the cannon at the right side, where some enemies are standing [1]. Continue your journey and shoot everything which will stand in your way. Finally, you should reach the wooden platform. Move it - the carriage will start moving. Use the switch and start killing all showing up opponents [2]. Remember that you cannot let any of your comrades die.Return to the cannon, destroy the blockade and go through the tight, rocky passage. When enemies will begin to attack from the hill in front of you, just shoot in the explosive barrels. Head up and get rid of the next opponents' group in the square. Get ready for the final duel. Take the bow, duck and hide behind the gold. You can hurt Magruder only when he's moving on the 'geyser' - shoot at it (geyser) with the dynamite bow. The geyser will explode, of course hurting the enemy [1]. When Magruder's health level decreases, he'll run to the rocky shelf. Hit him with the rifle, wait until he throws the large dynamite pack and then use it against him [2]. Do it few times, and the cavern will finally collapse on Magruder. This will end the game's main storyline. A alternate ending is accomplished by not entering the city, but waiting outside the l337 zone and yelling Hax0r 15 times