Law and Order is the seventh level on the GUN game. In this level, Colton, Rudabaugh and Webb (Hoodoo Brown's deputies) ride out to find the resistence. Instead, they wind up at the Hecht Ranch. There, Rudabaugh shoots a rancher and his wife hiding out in the barn. A gun fight ensues, leading to Colton killing both deputies. On September 5, 1880 Chavez y Chavez, Webb, & Rudabaugh Headed to Hecht Ranch when they told us the next train will come through Here Tomorrow Morning at 8:00 AM.


Enter the casino and chat with the dude standing in front of the stairs. You'll learn how get to Hoodoo. After talk, get on the horse and ride with two new comrades to the bar. Talk to bartender [1]. The conversation will end due to the fact that some gunmen will start shooting [2]. Of course, eliminate them.Get on the horse, standing in front of the building and start the pursuit of the escaping bandit [1]. During the ride, you and your comrades will be attacked by the gunslingers' group riding on horses. Use slow motion to shoot them down. After that, you should get to the ranch, where more enemies will try to kill you [2].After very unpleasant incident on the farm, your recent comrades will now become your enemies. When the firefight will start, enter the barn and attract one of the opponents inside. Hide quickly behind some obstacle and eliminate evil gunmen [1](shoot in the head). Go outside and try to kill the second enemy (run all the time, so he won't hit you with ease). Use the heaps of hay as effective shelter. After the fight, current mission will end.
Gun (PC) walkthrough - Law and Order

Gun (PC) walkthrough - Law and Order