Reverend Josiah Reed is an antagonist in Gun and one of Thomas Magruder's henchmen. He proclaims himself a reverend, but seems to use the religious guise to deceive people. After meeting Reed on the Morning Star, Colton comments, "If that's a man of the cloth, I'm the king of Siam". Reed is voiced by Brad Dourif, otherwise known for the voice of Chucky in the Child's Play film series.


Colton first meets Reed while traveling on a steamboat, The Morning Star. Reed chats with Colton and his father, but Colton immediately realizes that Reed is not a reverend but an imposter. Ned gives Colton a task to watch over on him.

On the steamboat, Reed threatens Sadie, telling that he will kill her and everyone on the boat if she does not give him "an item" (one part of the Cross). Eventually, Sadie refuses and she is killed when Reed throws an axe in her head. Then, he gives command to Renegades to kill every man on the steamboat.

Although the ambush was successful and everyone besides Colton died in either combat or explosion, Magruder punishes Reed for not finding "the item" by slicing a part of his ear.

Colton searches for information about him and eventually finds out his name from Jenny who also says he was searching for Sadie and that he comes from Empire City. Cole agrees to follow Jenny to Empire in order to find more information about him.

When Jenny and Colton arrive in the Empire City, Jenny introduces major of the town, Hoodoo Brown to Colton. Hoodoo agrees to help and also names Colton as one of his deputies in order to make it easier for Colton to catch the preacher once he finds him. On his first mission, Colton kills his new partners, Webb and Rudabaugh when they murder unarmed family and rushes to Hoodoo. When Colton arrives to his saloon, Hoodoo says that the preacher is upstairs with Jenny. Colton runs upstairs and tries to save his friend, but he is too late - Reed slits her throat with a razor blade and Colton is knocked unconscious by Hoodoo and taken to prison.

Later in the game, Reed continues to search for the part of the Cross and he meets with Hollister in order to find the location of destroyed steamboat where the Cross is located.

After the fight with Hollister, Colton and Soapy find a safe inside the steamboat. Soapy easily opens the safe that contains a part of the Cross. Suddenly, Reed appears behind them and tries to eliminate both of them. Eventually, he is defeated by Colton who first shoots his leg and then puts Ferguson rifle in Reed's mouth saying: "This is for Jenny" before killing him.