This type of the mission is available only in Empire, however the purposes of tasks are placed on the whole map. This time, you must protect and help some people, who fell into trouble. There will be some killing criminals too ($20).

1. The first assignment takes place in the town. Head to the proper intersection and go upstairs onto the nearby building's roof. Throw down some powder kegs. When the enemies will start the attack, destroy TNT barrels and get rid of remained opponents ($10).

2. Move to the shown district, kill all enemies located on the nearby buildings' roofs. Then climb up the ladder and take the wooden catwalks up to the highest house and grab the object ($10).

3. Ride to the mine and free hostages. You have to aim precisely, because every hostage is being hold by the bandit and the rooms are filled with powder kegs. One bad-thought-out shoot and you'll be forced to repeat whole mission from the beginning ($10).

4. Ride to the place, where the immobilized cart is standing. Talk to the spurious driver and prepare yourself for the tough firefight (remember that the hostage cannot die) and fighting off the cavalry. After the battle, ride on the nearby mountain, dump the TNT barrel down and shoot it to make a new passage ($10).

5. Ride to the proper place and help some settlers in fighting off the enemy's cavalry attack. Act fast, because there will be many opponents to eliminate ($10).

6. Head to the shown building, hunt down Wachowsky and take him to the local prison. During the road, fight off the enemies' attack. Then throw the bad guy into the cell and prepare yourself for three opponents' assaults ($20).

7. Ride to Dodge surroundings and help some settlers to fight off the wolves' attack. Then use whiskey bottles to set nearby heaps on fire ($20).

PC Game Walkthrough - GUN - Federal Marshal Mission 1

PC Game Walkthrough - GUN - Federal Marshal Mission 1