Deputy are missions in which players take role of the sheriff. They all take place only in Dodge and you'll get them from Danton. Every task consists of three smaller, but all of them are simply just about shooting and killing bad guys.

1. First, kill the thug hanging in the town, then eliminate the bandits fighting near the bridge. Finally, enter the bar and talk with bartender. He'll reveal you the next criminal's current location. Go there and shoot him down ($10).

2. Get rid of gunslingers' gang and go to the port. Take the explosive barrel to the proper building. If you'll need to shoot, simply put it down for a while. The last task is to fight off the assault of the cavalry ($10).

3. Talk to the woman standing near the bridge and convoy her home on the other side of the town. To do the trick, just be a fast shooter and eliminate all showing up enemies. Then get rid of the opponents located near the local saloon. Go upstairs and clean out the attic. Finally, get rid of all enemies on the streets ($10).

4. Take two powder kegs to the pointed place and then head to the end of town. Save the attacked family. Finally, get rid of the opponents standing near the water tower ($10).

5. Rescue hostages, and then make sure that nothing wrong will happen to Snitch. After the escort, eliminate all members of local gang – this time (finally!) for good ($20).

Gun part 6 Fear the Deputy

Gun part 6 Fear the Deputy