Defend the Hideout is the tenth level in the video game GUN. In this level, Colton must help the resistence defend their headquarters against Hoodoo's militia.


During the party, your current hideout will be unexpectedly attacked. Move behind the soldier. Take cover and use new shotgun to eliminate distant enemies [1]. Remember to do it quickly - Clay must not be killed no matter what. After first opponents' attack, go down and make use of the gatling gun. You won't have problems with taking care of the approaching cavalry [2].Now, you must quickly eliminate enemies, who are operating the cannon on the hill [1]. Run fast to the rocks, located on the right side of the river, stick out carefully and kill first enemy (sniper gun). Do exactly the same with the second opponents, who will appear in the same place. Hold the finger on the key being responsible for health's restoration, because your rivals can hurt you before you'll be able to shoot. Move to the nearest hill, kill all encountered enemies and use the cannon to fight off the attack from the north-east [2].
GUN (2005) - Let's Play Part 10 - Defend The Hideout

GUN (2005) - Let's Play Part 10 - Defend The Hideout