A story, as told by one of Hoodoo's men, on the level Escape from Jail, detailed one family who lived here:

"Years back, a man named Booker lived up there with his Injin wife and half-wit son. They kept to themselves mostly, but one night I was in the room when his wife stumbles in; She’s all bloody and crazy with fear. Seems her husband had killed their son and tried to kill her, too. This is why, you see, whenever folks were traveling by, Booker would invite them in for supper and as soon as they’d sit at the table, he’d murder them with an axe and he’d throw their bodies in the cellar. This carried on for some time, till once a new Injin came by his wife and his next intended victim happened to ask, “Ever get any Indians around here?” Well the half-wit son replied, “Can’t you smell the one Papa just put in the cellar?” Well, Booker went berserk: killed the boy and the visitor before his wife made her escape. The posse got up there right quick, but Booker had vanished. When they looked in the cellar, there found more bones than you’d find in Boot Hill."