Our main goal is to kill or capture alive the wanted criminal. The second task is harder, but more profitable. To capture somebody, quietly sneak from the back and press PPM. If you decide to take the bounty mission, go to the future fight’s place (it's marked on the map) and then take care of the enemy. Below, I have placed two lists. The first one consists of the places, where you can find wanted posters. The other includes criminals’ names and the rewards. 


Wanted PostersEdit

1. Dodge – house in front of city’s entrance (from the river's direction).

2. On the wooden hut, right behind the train bridge in Dodge.

3. Empire – casino’s wall.

4. Empire – onto the house wall located in the city’s main street.

5. Wooden hut near the Piper lake.


1. George Mahonee ($10 dead, $15 alive)

2. Johnny Greed ($10 dead, $15 alive)

3. Shifty Sholz ($15 for returning the horse to the rightful owner)

4. Lee Hop Dong ($10 dead, $20 alive)

5. Bloody Belle ($15 dead)

6. Toby 'the Torch' ($15 dead, $20 alive)

7. Mad Dog ($20 alive)

8. Wayland Payne ($20 dead, $30 alive)

9. Bandit Brothers ($20 alive and $20 dead)

10. Blackbird Boys ($30 dead)

11. Bob 'the Blade' ($30 dead)

PC Game Walkthrough - GUN - Bounty Hunter Mission 7

PC Game Walkthrough - GUN - Bounty Hunter Mission 7