15th Mission In GUN


Start the attack along with other Indians. Run as fast as you can to the earth embankment in front of you and try to move all the time (you shouldn't get hit from the cannon). Eliminate the gatling gun's crew. You'll have the clear way to the north, where the boat is waiting for you [1]. During the cruise, shoot to all enemies standing along the road [2].Exit the boat at the end of the travel and head to the cave filled with big stones. Go through it, up stairs and quickly hide behind lurking waiting enemies [1]. Move ahead, clean the area and go through the building located on the left. Kill the soldier operating the gatling gun on the right and use it to eliminate the enemies in the fort [2].Clean the building on the north from enemies, enter it and use the cannon to destroy all four bunkers, located below [1]. Continue you journey to the north, clean the next room with the cannon and destroy some boats, situated in the bay on the left [2]. Travel north again, kill all enemies fighting with Indians in the square on the left and head to the next cannon.Turn the cannon to the south and shoot into the ammunition's composition - the explosion will create large hole in the wall. Go through some rooms and equip yourself with the dynamite [1]. Enter the square shelled by the opponents' cannon and quickly run to the wooden bridge on the right and then throw the dynamite into the cannon’s direction [2]. Repeat this operation, until you destroy it for good. If you'll use all dynamite before the cannon will blow up, return to green chests.
Gun (PC) walkthrough - Attack the Fort

Gun (PC) walkthrough - Attack the Fort