17th Mission in Gun showing also a new animal a Tiger



Head to Dodge, pass through the bridge and find Soapy at the Apache camp, waiting near the body [1]. After the cutscene, move on the high rocky shelf, then travel down (take the nearby path), get on the horse and ride with your comrades. When you'll arrive near small hut on the glade, enemy's cavalry should begin the attack [2]. Eliminate opponents quickly and watch out for your comrades - if anybody dies, then it's end of the mission for you.After the fight, move behind your comrade [1]. When you'll reach the wooden passage, jump down from the horse and move forward, taking the narrow path. Kill two tigers on the road [2] and head to the hill's top. The next task will end in a success.
Gun (PC) walkthrough - Across the Badlands

Gun (PC) walkthrough - Across the Badlands